Park Ridge State School celebrates Book Week 2017

On Friday September 8, officers from Browns Plains Police Station visited Park Ridge State School to take part in Book Week celebrations.

Park Ridge State Schools adopt-a-cops Constable Lachlan Jones and Constable Micheal McEwan assisted in the annual book parade before taking the opportunity to have some photos with the students.

The Adopt-a-Cop program was implemented to build positive relationships between police and members of the school community through the voluntary appointment of Adopt-A-Cops to schools and other relevant organisations. 

The program is an integral part of policing and reflects a greater emphasis on police partnerships with the community.

Currently there are over 950 Adopt-a-Cops performing duties in over 1,100 Queensland schools. Adopt-a-Cops are police officers and Police Liaison Officers (to be referred to as ‘Adopt-a-PLOs’) who volunteer to participate in the program.

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2017 NHWQ Conference

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